Written by James Johnson

The Prostasia Foundation hosted a conference in San Francisco, Ca. on May 23, 2019and SWOP Sacramento was in attendance. Prostasia Foundation is an organization that researches child sex abuse prevention measures.

The conference hosted a number of presenters from many professional backgrounds, including Attorneys, Therapists, and Sex Workers. Many of the presenters spoke about how FOSTA/SESTA has created censorship of the Internet and how doing so has prohibited them from posting content that is helpful to their clients or allow those seeking help to find them. This occurs when their content is flagged because it contains words like sex, sex abuse, sexual exploitation, etc.  

Kristen Di Angelo was one of the main speakers at the event. She educated those in attendance about how FOSTA/SESTA has negatively impacted the Sex Worker community and the harm that has come to Sex Workers as a result. She encouraged those involved with helping Sex Workers to include them in the conversation in creating viable solutions for harm reduction and labor rights.