Today, we call upon sex workers and other adult entertainers to assist us in our fight to be free from persecution and be endowed with the same civil rights as others in this nation. We stand firm that it is “our bodies and our right”.

As many of you know, the CEO and two of the operating shareholders of (BP) are facing criminal charges. For more information about this legal action:

It will never stop. Sex Wokers Respond to Raid CEO, partners appear in Sacramento Court

Sex worker advocate says case prosecuting the wrong people (Video)

As sex workers, we know that adult work is work and without access to publications such as BP, we would be pushed into riskier forms of the sex trade. The current narrative set forth by the state ignores the economic hardships and exclusionary social practices that drive many individuals into the sex trade. This action against backpage is simply a political maneuver to position sex workers as either criminals or victims, and position politicians as the saviors.

Thus, we call on you to join SWOP Sacramento on November 16th, 2016. We will have a Red Umbrella Rally in solidarity with all who depend on BP and other online advertising vehicles for survival, followed by a press conference with BP advertisers who, in their own words, will explain how BP helps to keep them safe. Featured speakers will be BP advertisers from Los Angeles to Seattle and beyond. Bring a red umbrella!

Who: Sex Workers who Advertise on Backpage and our Supporters

What: Red Umbrella Rally and Press Conference at Hearing

When: November 16, 2016 Wednesday
1:00pm Gather for Rally Outside of Courthouse
1:30pm Hearing inside
2:15pm Press Conference

Where: Sacramento Superior Court
720 9th St
Downtown Sacramento

Why: Sex workers are fed up with attacks from politicians like Kamala Harris who bolster their careers with misinformation about our industry. The storyline handed down by Harris and Texas AG Paxton about’s function and role in the sex industry demonstrates their complete ignorance of how the sex industry functions. These are people focused on advancing their own careers, not helping vulnerable and exploited women and girls. Sex Workers are speaking out today to tell the public and the politicians the truth about the sex industry and what happens when our advertising venues are targeted.

Our work will impact the way this story is told, and our stories will influence the way the public views sex workers. If we do not show up and fight for this recognition, we will be invisible. Kamala Harris’ version of the story will be bought and believed, and sex workers will continue to suffer under the false human trafficking narrative. Sex Workers Unite Now!