In December 2014, SWOP Sacramento had our first safe house placement. It was a learning curve for all of us here in Sacramento. During outreach, we had made contact with a woman who was kidnapped a week later. With our number in hand, and no one else to call, she began trying to make contact late one night. A four day process involving two police departments finally allowed her to be set free. However, she was then dropped back into the same neighborhood and her pimp was looking for her as she was gone for four days and she owed him money. She called us again. SWOP Sacramento acted as advocate in reporting and her placement in a safe house in Southern California. During this process we learned the exact nature of Sacramento’s lack of services for those who  wish to exit a violent situation. Sacramento’s domestic violence shelters separate us out as unworthy victims or too risky to have in their homes. SWOP Sacramento is determined to change this. Currently we see no money trickling down to those who are victims and are being trafficked. Most funding seems to be going to the arrest of the predator rather than services for those who are harmed.