Written by  Kristen Di Angelo

For the last five years, The Sex Workers Outreach Project and community partner The Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing at UC Davis have collaborated in order to effect change in sex worker community. 

The Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing at UC Davis is a nursing program that cultivates academic excellence through immersive, inter-professional and interdisciplinary education and research in partnership with the communities it serves. Faculty, staff, and students discover and disseminate knowledge to advance health, improve quality of care, and shape policy.

SWOP Sacramento has made training videos for the school’s library and our Executive Director, Kristen Di Angelo,  is a guest lecturer at their university and medical center. 

This year a group of nursing students decided to raise funds and put together hygiene kits, as a class project, for SWOP’s more marginalized workers. They raised enough funding to put together 240 hygiene kits. Those kits have been delivered to SWOP Sacramento and we have already begun distributing these much needed items. 

The nursing students at UC Davis were able to make a difference through leadership and cultural inclusiveness while still in school. We would like to thank this group of students and UC Davis.