Kristen DiAngelo

The onetime escort shone a much-needed light on the world’s oldest profession when, earlier this year, she asked street sex workers about their lives. The resulting survey proved revelatory, and cemented DiAngelo’s status as an authority on sex work—primarily the unintended consequences of trying to eradicate it. But she’s not all bleeding heart. DiAngelo, who has a degree in finance from Sacramento State, can also elucidate why law enforcement strategies are destined to fail. Here, she explains the flaw in targeting johns: “The problem is we have a double-sided supply and demand model. You have the women that have also a demand, and men that have a supply. So you just knocked out one of the elements, which makes the other element more needy. Their demand increases, the supply decreases, so you have chaos. And then we wonder why it’s not working.” Twitter: @kristendiangelo; RFH